Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Photo Blog!

Hey all you blog readers, I went to Krys and Alyx' Thanksgiving fiesta after work and had a blast!(as usual) It was 82 degrees in the house but we all managed to have fun anyway. I had to take the dog pack with me so they were there as well. After we stuffed ourselves we played "Scene It" Guys against Girls...of course the girls won. I had a really great time hanging out with these guys I hardly get to see them at all since my schedule is so crazy and they go to bed at 8:30 during the week. Here are some pics of the antics and drama! Hope you all enjoy!

Alyx and Christopher chillin on the sofa. I can't believe Alyx let me take her picture!

One of the few times Stan Lee wasn't moving...he was really good but he just hardly laid down or was still for that matter.

Alyx and her Brother Josh...they spent a lot of time looking at his phone...I am totally unsure as to why.

Still with the phone! As Alyx would say CHEAP!

Krys, cooking us up some LOVE!

Josh still on the phone...even Alyx gave up on it! The dogs really liked Josh...which I guess he didn't notice because at the end of the night he told me that daddy wouldn't come near him!

This was how Stan Lee spent most of the time I was there...the good thing was he slept for about 36 hours after!

Don't hate! The crust may be burnt but that was some awesome pie...I think because of all the love that was in it (I don't ever eat the crust anyway).

Alyx hates her picture taken...little did she know that I have others....

Lily likes to stay out of the way at holiday gatherings (insert sarcasm here)...I think she secretly wants to off us and get the Turkey....she was trying to trip us one at a time.

The Turkey emerges from the oven. That is Audrey's behind and Alyx in the Farve jersey (this jersey caused much testosterone exchange later in the evening)

A final basting...almost done.


Taking a rest before he is devoured!

Daddy stayed out of the way like a good boy.

Alanna was texting the whole time...she said she wasn't texting Logan(who was in the same house) but we didn't believe her.

Suki made a new friend...Logan Audrey's daughter.

Oh look... Josh is still messing with the phone!

Josh finally got off the phone to come eat some turkey...he decided to eat the leg and after much toil he ended up with just a bone. (Krys and Alyx seem to be afraid of it)

Audrey doesn't want to eat that!

This was hilarious! Josh is so proud of himself!

Alanna and Logan BFF's

Of course everyone is still eating and Krys aka Felix Unger is cleaning like a mad person! (notice Logan has pie)

I had such a great time (I had to mention it again) I can't wait to hang out with these guys again at Christmas..hopefully there will be more antics and drama...with this bunch it is inevitable. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Turkey Named Courage.

This is the final paper due in my U.S.Government class this semester...thank goodness this class is over! It was my least favorite class so far out of any I have taken since starting this adventure last year. I am sure if I had a better teacher it would have been far more interesting but the professor I got stuck with was very boring and her grading made it nearly impossible to make an A. I am sure I will be stuck with a B in this class....B= Bummer. Anyway enjoy this last paper...thanks for reading and hopefully I will be able to blog about better stuff during the winter break.

I looked long and hard this week for an article that dealt with the Federal Government and today the Associated Press had as their top story, “President Obama’s first pardon: A turkey called ‘Courage’ Fowl is spared a ‘terrible and delicious fate,’ flown first class to Disneyland., A Presidents first pardon would normally would be big news. However he was pardoning a turkey he called Courage that would have made a great meal as he weighed 45 pounds. Apparently this is a long time tradition dating back to JFK. The article mentions that his daughters were there and that the president was joking about forgoing the tradition and eating his turkey as Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson did. He wished all service members a Happy Thanksgiving and spoke of the honor of being their Commander in Chief. He also spoke about Abraham Lincoln making Thanksgiving a holiday in the midst of the civil war when the future of our Union was doubtful. He mentioned giving thanks for what we have and giving back to those less fortunate. He then pardoned the turkey, Courage and said that he was going to live the rest of his life in Disneyland.
It is hard to form an opinion on such an article as I think it is pretty silly, not only that this was the top news story on every site I looked at but that this goes on at all. I was quite surprised to learn that this has been a time honored tradition since the days of President Kennedy and that President Lincoln also pardoned a turkey, however his turkey was slated for a Christmas meal instead of a Thanksgiving meal. I read several other articles on this subject and it seems that a lot of the facts are mixed up. Some of the articles I read including this one had other presidents as the first to start this tradition. This particular article mentions George H.W. Bush, however, others I read including an article specifically about who the first president was to pardon a turkey clears it all up and gives JFK the honors. I wanted to look more and find out why this started in the first place but then decided it was best left alone. The pickings on the news wire today were pretty slim and I want to chalk it up to the impending Holiday but it really reminds me of why I only look at the news sporadically.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daddy's Big Day at the "Little Dog" Dog Park

So I had this whole thing typed out about the dog park...think wonderful sarcastic humorous rantings about the folks and politics at the dog park....well Blogger just ate it.....Fing Blogger! so MAD!
Anyway here are some recent pics from Daddy's day at the dog park, he had fun and was a really good boy. I went several weeks ago and hung out with Elizabeth and Tess and Suki went as well. I had alot more explanations to why there are not any pictures of Suki that involved an old lawn chair and urine but Blogger ate it. So you guys can thank Blogger for destroying my creativity....I guess I learned my lesson....upload photos here and type in Word and then put it all together at the end. Hope you enjoy the photos!!!

Elizabeth's Dog Tess...she is mole hunting! Elizabeth said she actually dehoused one once! This is what Tess spent most of her time doing.

Daddy, running and being silly..he looks like such a dork here but he had such a good time.

Daddy smile!

These were some of his Dog Park buddies...he had fun chasing them, he doesn't want the ball...just wants to run!

Another contraband big dog on the little dog side.

He had such a good time! Hope you all enjoy...wish it could have been better but I don't have the time, energy or heart to rewrite what I I had already written and Blogger erased!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Time Photo Blog

Happy Fall time to all my readers. Although my time is sparse I have managed to get some photos of the Fall season. I have been wondering why everyone likes this season since I saw a poll on MSN that asked folks what their favorite season is and Fall was the overwhelming favorite. There were no reasons given in the poll just the fact that most people picked it. My personal favorite is Spring followed closely by Summer, Winter is my least favorite and although Fall is beautiful, for me it just signals the end of warm nights and sunny days. I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and so Winter is usually a down time for me. Texas isn't so bad in that we see many sunny days even in Winter here however I hate to be cold so when it is 40 degrees everyday I tend to get a little crabby. I hope all of you enjoy the photos I wish there were more but as I said my time is scarce so there are only a few. I want to say thanks to all who read this blog and if you could take a minute and leave a comment for me to let me know what your favorite season is and more importantly why. Enjoy!

This plant grows outside our back door at work. I cannot remember the name (it is something weird) but it is beautiful all year round.

One of the things I like about Texas is there are flowers that bloom in the Fall. This little purple flower is so cute!

These come in "real" not just fake plastic at Wal Mart .

Grasses bloom in the fall here...this one is purple!

The heavenly Bamboo really is Heavenly in the Fall.

This color show is everywhere here right now! It is nice to live in a place where there are seasons.

It is hard to believe that there are things this color in nature!

These tiny flowers are in the grass everywhere here in the Fall...they are only about an inch across and so cute!

Looking Up!

This silvery grass is so amazing.

Last one of the great red leaves...pretty soon they will all be gone and just the bare trees least favorite thing about Winter.

Well there you have it, the glory of Fall in Texas through my eyes. Don't forget to leave me a comment about which is your favorite season and WHY!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calling all Math Nerds to the Rescue!

Well I guess the Web Logging didn't work out all that great….I kind of figured it wouldn't with my schedule. Anyway, I did something really stupid and I need the assistance of all of my math nerd friends. I went to get my application at the Health Science office on Monday and after talking with the advisor there realized that the Math class that I just dropped is a requirement for acceptance into the RT program…Ouch I know. I was really upset about this until I spent some time thinking about what I did and my options. I was NOT going to pass that math class no way no how. So it was good that I dropped it, I think Dr. Martin would have just confused me further anyway. My other option is to take my ACCUPLACER test again and test out of MATH 0305 into College Algebra the advisor I spoke to on Monday said that after taking the math classes I have I should be able to pass it with the minimum score I need. So that is what I will do. Notice the WILL and not try here. I have to get into the program!!! I refuse to spend another year waiting. I am calling all of my math nerd buddies to help me with any tutoring you can. I am going to go to my sisters house (home of not one but two math nerds) on Mondays after class. I am going to make my first attempt as soon as I feel like I can and then I can take it every 30 days until I have to have my application in on March 1st. If anyone else can help even if it is just websites with practice ACCUPLACER questions that would be great as well. I am determined to get this done! Thanks in advance for any help!