Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on School Progress

I wanted to write a quick blog on what is happening at achool.  Last Fall I droppped my Math 350 (Intermeadiale Algebra) because I was getting D's on exams and just not getting it.  I think it was due to my instructor.  He wasn't a bad teacher but he is a calculus intstructor at heart and teaches algebra like it is calculus...which is not good for me at all.  Anyway, I went to the advisor in the health sciences department to find out some info and she informed me that I could not get accepted into the program without that class.  She gave me an alternative which involved taking my placement test again to see if I could test out of that class.  I have been studying weekly with my sister and thought I would do good on it but after taking the test this last Thursday, I realized that it was harder than I thought and I didn't test out of the class.  I went to the Health Science office feeling pretty defeated but thought I would make sure there was nothing else I could possibly do to apply for the program this year.  At first she told me, that no there was nothing I could do except take the class again in the fall and then wait until next year and apply again.  As I was getting ready to cry, she remembered that they made a mistake in the catalog and for the RT program only, you only had to have Math 304 (Elementry Algebra)  Which I have already taken and passed with a C.  I gave her my application and she said that I would hear at the end of March whether I am in or not.  So now I am not so patiently waiting to hear about my fate for the next couple of years.  I am a little nervous because I looked at the stats for last year and 297 people applied and there are only 30 places in the class.  The high score was 5.97 and the lowest was 5.13.  I am going in with I think 5.0 points, but I am even unsure about that because the advisor told me that you get .1 points for every 13 credit hours you have taken which would give me 5.21 points.  I am unsure what I will be up against this year but I guess we will find out.  I will post again when I find out.  If I don't get in this year then I will keep pluging away at my AA and BA degree for another year, get my GPA up another point and add some more credits onto my transcript to make my score higher.  I will keep you posted.