Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Wow I was looking at my Blog for the first time in awhile and realized that I haven’t posted anything since September of last year when Lily was sick.  Not much has gone on since then.  Well, now that is untrue, plenty has gone on I have just observed it from the little hermit hole that is my life.  Lily had to have another foreign body removed from her in January.  We had a blizzard in Texas (which is weird in and of itself) the weekend Lily decided to get really sick.  So I had to drive her in the snow to the hospital.  This time we caught it before there was any major damage and she did great.  She only spent 5 days in the hospital and since then I have fattened her up (she has put on 10 pounds)  I am hoping that she will be full and not eat things that she is not supposed to. The rest of the pack is doing great.
I have finished my “first” year of the RT program and made it through.  I am in the middle of the grueling summer portion of second year.  We attend clinic four days a week, and I work the other three.  Fun times.  I am learning a lot in the hospital and I feel like I am becoming a real tech.  My academic plan has changed yet again.  When I am done with this program I will take the CT classes at TCC and then the registry for CT and then I may take a break.  I want to get certified in MRI but that is another entire year of classes and clinic.  The school that offers it is in Dallas.  So we will see about that.  I am just so tired of school right now.  I have been going since the Fall semester of 08’ and I want some time to myself!  I want my house and car to be clean and I want my yard to be nice.  I want to blog everyday about cool intellectual crap.  I want to spend an entire day on the couch reading and not feel guilty. I want to finish the million undone projects in my house.  I want to spend time with my family here in Texas as well as have time to go to California and visit everyone there.  It is almost done and I cannot wait!
I have a new little niece, Kinley Ann Haskins, born on June 25th.  She has had a rocky start but is now at home and doing well.  I can’t wait to go see her and am planning a trip to San Francisco to see her in January.
Well I would love for this to be longer but guess what?  My time here is up.  I have to go get ready for school.