Monday, January 12, 2009

Career Change

Hello all. As most of you know I have started school agian to get my RVT. I am considering changing that plan. When I first started this endevor I wanted to go to the human side and x-ray humans as a Radiologic Technician. But after much thought I decided that I was put on this earth to care for animals and so I changed the plan to go to Cedar Valley and get my RVT. Well after some more careful thought I think I am back to the RT thing for several reasons. I was wrestling with some big hairy filthy dog the other day and laying on the floor and had a vision of myself doing this 10 years from now and didn't really like it. Which leads me to reason number two that I want to pursue a RT rather then the RVT. I can make alot more money for the same time in shcool as a RT than a RVT. And lets face it while working with animals is an admirable profession and I am really good at it money makes the world go round. Reason number three is that I had some depression going on this holiday season because I didn't see my family at all for the holidays. My nephew Thomas will be 7 in February and I feel like his whole life could pass me by and he will be 16 and hate all of us by the time I can spend time with him. I could have worked less this season but I have to pay bills. Another attractive part about the RT program as opposed to the RVT program is the school for my RT is 15 minutes away from my house and the RVT program is an hour away from my house, not to mention I have kennel duty at school once a week so I will have to clean up after smelly pigs and cows as well as dogs and cats. I think I would much rather spend time in a hospital looking at pieces of equipment that cost more then my house and learnig about the modern marvels of nuclear medicine then scooping out horse stalls and cleaning up dog vomit.Anyway there you have it. I am taking this semester to mull it over and second session summer semester is when I have to start one or the other so I will make a concrete decsion by then. I can always work at the animal hospital as relief or even one or two sundays a month. I am sure Dr. N! will have me. Feel free to let me know what you think about this.