Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Driving Rules I Think Everyone Should Follow

I have been driving for many years now and I have recently come to the conclusion that they will give any one a drivers license no matter how bad they are at driving.  Every time I drive anywhere I have at least one encounter with some Bozo that is clearly unaware of three basic rules that we all should follow.  I have compiled this list here for all to view.  I hope that each and every one of you already know and follow these basic rules but in case you don't know them please take note and adjust your driving habits accordingly.

Number One:
The left most lane on the freeway is for driving fast.
Now I know we all have our own ideas about what driving fast is so here are some simple guidelines to follow when you find yourself driving in this lane.  The speed limit on most highways is 65 miles per hour.  If you want to drive this slow that is no problem however, the left most lane or "Fast Lane" as it is fondly referred to, is not the lane to drive 65 in.  If you want to drive 65 please pick a nice middle lane.
If you find yourself in the fast lane and you are driving 70-78 miles per hour and there is a car close behind you either speed it up or get out of the way.
I personally believe that the max on the freeway should be 80 miles per hour.  However, if someone wants to   be truly dangerous, guzzle gas and drive 90 and I can move over without breaking my 80 miles per hour I do so . Otherwise the maniac driver needs to just go ahead and be as reckless as possible and weave themselves in and out of traffic in order to maintain their 90 miles per hour.  On another note if you are going to drive in the fast lane at 80 miles per hour it is safe to say that your attention should be on driving, not your phone. Don't weave in and out of the lane and vary your speed like a jerk.

Number Two:
There is a stick that sticks out of the side of your steering wheel.  Usually it is located on the left side of the wheel.  If you move it up and down it turns on lights on the outside of your car that blink and indicate that you are planning to turn your vehicle one way or another or that you would like to move over a lane on the freeway. Please for the love of all that is holy USE IT!!! EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE POSITION OF YOUR CAR!!! That is what it is there for, everyone else that is driving around you needs to know what your plans are...which is why those crazy car making guys put blinkers on cars.
On the same note, If you see a blinker blinking, that means that the person with it on needs to get over a lane. Please for the love of all that is holy let them get over!  Don't be an asshole, speed up and not let them over.

Number Three:
If you are one of those people who are very poor at planning and decide that it is appropriate to block off an entire lane at a busy intersection you will be deemed an asshole forever.  Please don't do this.  Drive around the block or figure out some other way to fix your fuck up wthout inconveniencing up to 30 people behind you.  Also if you are an asshole and do decide that blocking a lane of traffic is a great idea please do not become distracted by a device in your car and then sit in your spot after the light changes.  Get the fuck out of everyone's way as soon as humanly possible.  Seems fair right?
So there you have it.  Three little old rules.  I think we can all follow these with little or no effort at all and make everyone's driving experience better.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am looking at my blog and I cannot believe that I have not posted anything since October!!!  This seems disgraceful to me.  Well, hmmm. Quite a lot has gone on since then.  I met Mark....and I graduated from TCC.  I am now officially a RT(R).  As of right this minute I do not have a job, other than the one I have had for nine years.

My dogs turned a year older.  Lily and Suki are 13 and 12, respectively.  They are however doing quite well for their age.  They both are suffering form some back pain and arthritis but they still eat every day and their favorite things have gone from playing ball and walking to sleeping the day away in their beds.

I am a nerd and cannot control myself so I am adding to my school debt and starting at Midwestern State University on August 25th.  If I can hold down 12 hours each semester I will have my bachelors degree finished in three semesters.  I am also hoping to get certified in CT when I am done as well.

I quit smoking in January...the 21st to be exact and apart from a couple of drunken cigs I have been good.  It was hard but I had some great support and a great reason...kissing someone who smokes when you don't is unpleasant.  Mark is such a great kisser, I didn't want to ruin it.  Plus it is really bad for me.

I have fully embraced my love of beer and am trying new ones whenever I can.  Stouts are my favorite and I can't wait for winter to come back so I can try some new ones.

That is all.