Monday, April 13, 2009

Dropping Biology

So I have had my first defeat in my college life. I had to drop my biology class this semester. My teacher sucks. He doesn't prepare us for tests, mumbles through lecture and hands out objectives for stuff he says is going to be on the test and then adds things to the test that were not on the objective. I have been studying harder for this class than any other. I read everything did all of the objectives he asked me to, and gone to every class lecture. After the fact I looked at and found out that I am not alone...appartently he has been doing this for years. He had more rewiews that any other teacher at TCC and they were all bad. I am really bummed that I wasted 200$ for this class not to mention that my books cost close to 350$. Good news is thanks to I now know who to take for this class and will try agian later. I have decided to go on to UTA(University of Texas at Arlington) after I am done with my Radiology technology program and get my bachelors degree. I am also toying with the idea of a masters and possibly a Ph.D...who knows that is a long time from now. Right now I am just trying to get through the program so I can get a better job. I am really dissapointed in myself and even more dissapointed in Dr. Aliaga for being a bad techer and even more dissapointed that a teacher that starts out with 48 students and is now down to 15 or so in his classes is allowed to continue teaching.