Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am looking at my blog and I cannot believe that I have not posted anything since October!!!  This seems disgraceful to me.  Well, hmmm. Quite a lot has gone on since then.  I met Mark....and I graduated from TCC.  I am now officially a RT(R).  As of right this minute I do not have a job, other than the one I have had for nine years.

My dogs turned a year older.  Lily and Suki are 13 and 12, respectively.  They are however doing quite well for their age.  They both are suffering form some back pain and arthritis but they still eat every day and their favorite things have gone from playing ball and walking to sleeping the day away in their beds.

I am a nerd and cannot control myself so I am adding to my school debt and starting at Midwestern State University on August 25th.  If I can hold down 12 hours each semester I will have my bachelors degree finished in three semesters.  I am also hoping to get certified in CT when I am done as well.

I quit smoking in January...the 21st to be exact and apart from a couple of drunken cigs I have been good.  It was hard but I had some great support and a great reason...kissing someone who smokes when you don't is unpleasant.  Mark is such a great kisser, I didn't want to ruin it.  Plus it is really bad for me.

I have fully embraced my love of beer and am trying new ones whenever I can.  Stouts are my favorite and I can't wait for winter to come back so I can try some new ones.

That is all.

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