Friday, July 25, 2014

Copycat Zuppa Toscana Soup

Well I guess it's become time to turn this into mainly a food blog...I think I might post some house projects as well....later....much later. I love cooking and a bunch of people have asked me for recipes and my boyfriend keeps telling me I need to open a restaurant (not ever going to happen).
We both work long overnight shifts on the weekends and have very little time in between our very long shifts so I like to make big pots of food on Friday so we have chow in the fridge to heat up in the microwave at home or at work. Even better is if I can make the chow in the crock pot that way I can nap while it is cooking before my long overnight shift on Friday night.
Most recipes I make I try and just use an entire container of something rather than using measuring cups that I have to wash.
First post will be this soup that I found a recipe for on Pinterest and tweaked until I think its perfect. It is a copycat recipe for that incredibly delicious Zuppa Toscana they make at Olive Garden. This is the fourth pot I've made and this one will be perfect!

One pint heavy whipping cream
One box of chicken broth
Four 2-3 inch diameter red or yellow potatoes
Large bag of chopped and washed kale
One package of spicy Italian sausage

Dice potatoes and put into bottom of crock pot
   I would suggest placing all of these items into the crock pot in the order I have them in. I tried many different ways and this way is the neatest and it keeps you from having to touch the crock pot until the end.
Pour pint of whipping cream over potatoes.
Pour box of broth over cream and potatoes.
Put 5 large handfuls of kale into the pot, it should practically fill the pot
Brown and crumble sausage then place on top of the kale, this will weight the kale down into the soup as it cooks.
Turn the crock pot on high and leave it alone for 4-5 hours until the potatoes are done.
At the end you have a nice pot of soup. It is delicious! My boyfriend devours it meal after meal until its gone every time. I like to add some shredded Parmesan cheese and shake some crushed red pepper on it before I eat it. It's also delicious with some French bread.
This is what my crock pot looks like with a double batch in it at the beginning of the cooking process.

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