Sunday, May 11, 2014


I have been thinking a ton lately about my blog. I have been far too neglectful. A bunch of stuff has happened but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about what is going on now. I want to try and pick a day to just relax and put my week in perspective or share the rantings of the week with you.
This last week was my second week of taking my Mom to her appointments. She had several this week at the Cancer Center but no chemotherapy. Her dental surgery and remaining stitches from last week are preventing that from beginning. Her stitches were removed from her mouth on Thursday, she was less than happy about that but was a trooper as usual. After they did the adjustments on her dentures she was much happier with the fit and was slurring her words less.
Stan the dog seems to be missing Suki. He has been quite mopey and it is the only thing I can figure out. I feel bad for him because I miss her a bunch too! But as long as he keeps eating I'm not gonna get too worried about him. I am sure that he will eventually work it out. Brinkley and Daddy seem unaffected and are becoming best buddies.
Mark and I were lucky enough to be able to see two movies this last Wednesday at the Angelika in Dallas. We saw Under The Skin and Only Lovers Left Alive. The first was a weird Jonathan Glazer film about aliens that steal skin and seduce men into a black goo and feed off of it. It is exactly the type of movie Mark likes to watch. I didn't think it was that great, neither did Marky I think. The second one was the new Jim Jarmusch film, there was not one single thing I didn't love about this movie!!!!! In fact I can't wait for it to come out on blu ray so I can watch it again! It is about vampires.....I know, you are probably tired of vampire movies, but you should go watch this one!
After the movie we went to Campisi's Egyptian Lounge to eat the combo plate and the lasagna was exactly what I was craving! So delicious, if you have never been there I highly recommend it! They are famous for their pizza but we always get the pasta, they make it fresh and the marinara is the best I have ever had anywhere... I wake up craving this stuff sometimes!
I am not sure really where to go with this I mostly just wanted to get something down and hopefully keep posting!!!!

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